Saturday, February 8, 2014

The U.S. Empire Building

Andrew Sedano 3-3 AP US History empire Building The U.S. became involved in umteen countries around the world. This actions where are due to Empire Building. This was a ply between countries for land, military power, and natural resources. stretch entrée Policy, the Spanish the Statesn War, and the Roosevelt Corollary are some of the few things that America took leave in that pretty much describes there attitude towards Empire Building. During this era period China was being dual-lane among the European Powers, but America wanted in because of the spacious get of raw materials. after John Hays Open Door Policy, which said that China should be dual-lane with every hotshot, we had to involvement off the boxers, chinese rebels. This at a time again shows how all important(predicate) getting natural resources was at the time. As we looked forward to diffuse our people we looked down South to some of Spains countries. At the time Spain was considered the sick man of Europe. Thus began the Spanish American War. after(prenominal) a very short war the U.S. gains Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. Disregarding the do it factor of war U.S. still looked to expand itself, demonstrating how important Imperialism was at the time. As president of the United States Roosevelt felt that in social club to expand our nation we would have to use the Big bring on Diplomacy. This diplomacy stated that we should speak softly and carry a big stick. With this thought Roosevelt issued the Roosevelt Corollary which stated that the U.S. had the authority to intervene in unstable latin countries. This was re altogethery just an addition to the Monroe Doctrine. This once again shows how the U.S. was trying to show its strength to other countries and suck aground a sense of respect from other countries. As the U.S go on its involvement in foreign countries the U.S. began to grade its new identity. After the Open Door Policy, the Spanish W ar, and the Roosevelt Corollary the U.S. bec! ame one of the worlds strongest powers. Over all during...If you want to get a enough essay, order it on our website:

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