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In Bram reliever s , the author spends a great good deal of time trying to convince that the juvenile lore and moreover of modern society musical accompaniment back lost their way . He attempts to do this with imagery and with the report card itself , showing that a cartel on modern medicine and things that can non be , have conduct start-off to the loss of Lucy and then to the entanglements of Mina and Jonathon Harker with the calculate . Stoker uses the contrast between traditional folk methods and the modern globe to point pop that reliance on perception wholly can be very insecurityousFor example , when Jonathon first arrives in Budapest , the hotel operators cross themselves when they hear that he is spillage to the palace of Count . An former(a) wo art object begs Jonathon not to go , postulation if he knows the date (Stoker 11 . Jonathon assures the woman that he knows it is may 4th and she points out that it is the eve of St . George s Day when any mien of evil creatures will be able to instigate just about freely . She insists he take her crucifix and begs him to delay his head trip until after(prenominal) the danger has onetime(prenominal) (11 . Clearly , we know from the cogent of the tale , that all room of evil does come out on St . George s Day first base with the succubi that allows to feed on Harker driveway him madThough this is an early scene in the novel , it is just bingle of many where Stoker points to the flaws in modern science and system of logic . Later , after Lucy s death , as they are advent her coffin to keep her from returning from the dead , Van Helsing tells the assembled grouping that they are misled because they shape with their eyes , but do not believe what they claver . Likewise , if Jonathon ahd been more aware of old wices ta les and superstition , when he came to the c! ount s castles and found no wiz around , he might have left safely and prevented the entire story . Harker even reports in his journal that he has not seen a servant anywhere nor heard a sound get on the castle except the howling of wolves (29 had he been attuned to the traditional ship canal , he would have known that the braying of the wolves was a sign of danger or impending doom and had the sense experience to fell the castle . Instead , as a man of science and logic , he ignored the wives tales and the unease he felt and fell prey to the vampireName PAGE \ MERGEFORMAT 2...If you want to trance a full essay, order it on our website:

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