Sunday, December 23, 2018

'Julia’s Food Booth\r'

'(A) Formulate and solve an LP sit for this case The objective here is to maximize the take in. Profit is calculated for each shifting by subtracting cost from the selling price. The ending vari qualifieds used are X1 for pizza pieces, X2 for gamydog, and X3 for BBQ sandwich.X1 (pizza) X2 (hotdog) X3 (sandwich) gross revenue Price 1.50 1.50 2.25 Cost 0.75 0.45 0.90 Profit 0.75 1.05 1.35*For pizza Slice: Cost/Slice = $6/8 = $0.75 cost per slice maximise Z = 0.75 X1 + 1.05 X2 + 1.35 X3 Constraints: Budget: 0.75X1 + 0.45X2 + 0.90X3 ≤ 1500 Oven Space: 24X1 + 16X2 + 25X3 ≤ 55,296 in2 The enumeration for the oven space is as follows: Pizza slice enumerate space required for a 14 * 14 pizza = 196 in2. Since on that point are eight slices, we divide 196 by eight, and this gives us approx. 24 in2 per slice. The total place of the oven is the dimension of the oven shelf, 36 in * 48 in = 1728 in2, multiplied by 16 shelves = 27,648 in2, which is multiplied by 2, in the lead kickoff and during the halftime, giving a total space of 55,296 in 2.(B) Evaluate the opportunity of borrowing money before the offshoot game. The shadow price or doubled value is $1.50 for each additional vaulting horse Julia would increase her profit, if she borrows some money. However, the upper strangle of the sensitivity range is $1,658.88, so she should whole borrow $158.77 and her additional profit would be $238.32 or a total profit of $2488.32.(C) Evaluate the prospect of paying a friend $100/game to assist. Yes, she should absorb her friend for $100/game for it is nearly impossible for her to prepare all the diet for thought in such a defraud time. In order for Julia to prepare the hotdogs and grill sandwiches she would need the additional help. With Julia being able-bodied to borrow the extra $158.88 she would be able to pay her friend.(D) Analyze the impact of uncertainties on the regulate.The impact of uncertainties such as live (to sunny, rainy, or cold), competition, increase in food cost, and the attendance at each of the 6 games could reduce the demand for the items sold by Julia. If it is raining or cold because there may not be as many patrons at the games and if it is to hot people may not deprivation to eat before or during the games. The high the uncertainties the demand shifts, therefore the solution of the LP model entrust change and so does her profit. She will not be able to make believe a $1000 profit nether high uncertainty.\r\n'

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