Saturday, February 2, 2019


EXTRA CREDIT HOMEWORK ON THE NATIONAL DEBT First, I would alike to bring to your attention that I did for demoralize to copy the URL because I could not get back to where I wanted. I did use the worldwide topic National Debt, Time Magazine and Time Daily. I did get part of the URL http// that is all. I am not good with computers and attempt for hours justto get the web created much frustration. I hope you give still consider my work. The subject field debt at the minute is$4,987,184,610,949.10 and increasing $616 meg incessantlyyday. I do not think that the debt will ever decreasebut will continue to increase. I think it is in nice terms that the government is trying to do something about it.They ar creating difficulties in the process. They be going to agree. As of today, November 14, 1995, the governmenthas shut down. The national parks, n onessential federal agencies are closed. Layoffs consist of 800,000 federal workers. No one will get paid that works for the government until they agree. These particular engulf backscreate the question as to if the budget is worth it. Along with the layoffs and businesses closing, thetaxpayers paying $1.2 jillion dollars for every day that the goverment is closed. They should just raise the taxes if this is going to occur for awhile. The biggest problems occuring are increasing Medicarepremimums, agreeing on a budget plan, and the tax cuff. Clinton says he arse do it in nine years, congress wantsit done in seven. They already know, pretty confidentthat Clinton will veto the plan again. The tax cutis wanted to be at $245 million constant over a seven year period. Also, a $500 -a- child tax

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