Saturday, February 2, 2019

Malcolm Barber Essay -- Religion, The Templars

The Christians were fortunate individuals in the snapper Ages Christendom received its own religious military order to protect many another(prenominal) Christians who nethertook pilgrimages to Jerusalem after it (Jerusalem) had been overrun (5). This Western order endorsed and sanctioned by the Pope and the papacy in general, was known as the Knights Templar. One of the Templars missions was to predominantly fight against the Moslems. The Moslems had been perceived as a polytheistic trust, that encompassed the worshipping of evil hedonist Gods and a religion that encouraged illicit acts. This idea however is distant to the true Islam Islam is indeed a monotheistic religion that is categorized under Abrahamic religions as worshipping one God. The knights were affiliated with the crusades which remained popular within the 12th hundred (1). The Templars were respected within Western Christendom and the order was given numerous stinting advantages such as land, the erection of fort ifications and lucrative job positions such as bankers. Sadly, the Christians were expelled out of Palestine and the Templars ability to fulfill their duties to serve and protect Christians in the holy lands and elsewhere were in jeopardy. Support for the Templar Order and the crusaders caused an entity to fade. Furthermore, the respect train and the anticipation of wanting to become a crusader by individuals in Western Christendom declined drastically, disabling the order to fulfill its protective duties. Moreover, the King of France Philip IV who was deeply in debt made it known that he was aware of the orders riches. He stated The Templars must make coarse effort to relieve the astute financial problems of the reign through paying taxes, if they fail to do so I must f... ...were taking precedence or a two- degree Celsius existence of the order did not merit much historical recording. up to now the wealth of information presented and the legal proceeding which climaxes this monograph are not still illuminating but articulated through print by Malcolm Barber. I would personally recommend this scholarly work to individuals who already have immense knowledge on the Templars and to individuals who are new to the whole idea of this historical event. This monograph, in my opinion, should be a course reader within post-secondary institutions that instigate advanced education and Barber should be commended on tackling such a controversial subject. Because the crusades are a huge stain on how religion was advanced in the middle ages. Many ethnic groups suffered at the pass of Christendom however, this does not legate Barbers wonderful scholarly work.

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