Friday, February 15, 2019

Le Creuset :: essays papers

Le Creuset parsimoniousness of Manufacturing In comparison to the diversify nature of Le Creusets nest to export markets, manufacturing in the company is really much concentrated. All Le Creusets products are manufactured at the two payoff sites in France (Fresnoy-le-Grand and Cousances). What could be the reason or reasons behind such a engrossment in manufacturing? One reason could be the nature of the outturn abut at the company. It is highly specialise. The products have to meet certain standards and levels. It consists of four evident stages (production of cast iron casting finishing and enamelling). The solve thus is a distinct and orderly method. In addition there is the factor of the heading and remoteness to raw materials (in this case pig iron and recycled iron). Also the production appendage needs appropriate specialised equipment to support the highly specialised stages of production. Beside Le Creusets products have the picture show of being traditional , made in France with experience for long consecutive years. The production has been going on in France since 1925. This therefore creates or is part of the brand image. All these factors make it difficult for the company to found other production sites for the company in its outside markets. The company instead concentrated on a more diversified level of marketing, sales and distribution. However this does not mean that production is overleap for still great attention is focused on improving productiveness in the company through an on-going investment programme targeted at re-organising and modernising the production facilities and process at Le Creuset. As a result the process has now become more cost- economic, effective, and automated. In fact automating the casting process for example has proved to be six time more efficient than the labour-intensive method that has been replaced. Culture or the Image of Le CreusetWhat does Le Creuset as a brand name suggest a visual sense or an image of? Above all we should at first occlusive out that it is the very qualities of Le Creuset products that create its image and culture world-wise. Le Creuset cast iron cookware has three outstanding features by which its value its high quality, its superior durability, and the brightness and depth of its colour. These three distinct characteristics indorsement a very up-market product that consumers would highly desire and aspire to buy. The name, image and culture of Le Creuset created by the properties of the companys products are very unique.

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