Saturday, February 16, 2019

South Wales in the 1930s :: Papers

South Wales in the 1930s 1. Sources 1 and 2 give many reasons for poverty in South Wales in the 1930s, Unemployment however being the most significant as it was the cause of intimately all the poverty in South Wales at this time there were a number of causes for unemployment listed in source 1 such as- The collapse of the post-war economic boom Increased opposition from abroad The General strike The decline in the mining and firebrand industries The great depression All of these factors caused mass unemployment in South Wales in the 1930s almost to the point where nearly three quarters of the tribe in South Wales were unemployed. Source 2 indicates that all hope had left(a) the unemployed and their want to find work may have almost deteriorated from constant rejection causing possibly their want to keep a graceful standard of living to slowly decline into poverty. 2. Poverty affected the people of Wales in many different ways, Source t hree indicates that it had a prominent change in peoples political views, it depicts a miners hunger inch to Bristol in 1931, the marchers are shown to be carrying a banner bearing the communist shaft and sickle with the words struggle or starve written on in this is also an acronym for sos. Although the miners are on a hunger march to show the poverty in south Wales we notice they are fountainhead dressed this is because the miners were a proud people, they did not want to beg the authorities they just wanted to show that they were starving and that they needed work and serve to get back on their feet for themselves. There is almost a strain of irony in this picture as these miners are photographed marching other(prenominal) food signs, perhaps the photographer was trying to depict the ignorance of the rest of the expanse to the miners predicament. Source four describes the anger over the Means Test and a protest about this privacy invasion.

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