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Kadohatas The Story Devils: An Overview :: essays research papers

Kadohatas The Story Devils An OverviewThe Story Devils, by Cynthia Kadohata is a look into the life of a younggirl flavour to protect her family in any way possible. The fib is based on areal life experience of the author and shows how we can, at times, permit the devilin ourselves come out and play. The author, now living in Los Angeles, writesthis as almost a warning but the reader gets the whole step that she would do whatshe did again, in a second.The story takes place after realism warfare II in the townsfolk of Chesterville,Arkansas. It was a small town with small town problems, and had a Japanesecommunity living at heart it. The story was written in 1989 and reflect theuncertainties of the post World War II period. Within the small community therelived a charwoman that had been through a recent divorce, and was raising threechildren, Kate, the author, and her brother Sean. Because the niggle is havinga problem making ends meet, she begins to go to church and meets th e antagonist,Mr. stonemason.The story is told by the author in the body and mind of an eight yearold. It is a first-person narration and she is playing the part of theprotagonist. The point of view remains uniform throughout the story, whichgives you only the viewpoint of the author to get facts from. Although this maybe a possibly unreliable perspective, due to selective memory, the story is toldin a straightforward manner suggesting truth and honesty.During the story the author realizes that Mr. mason is a violent man.This is learned through several instances, such as when he forced the motherinto a crying fit in her bedroom in the beginning of the story. He was alsoviolent when he threw a rock at a young boy that had wandered everywhere to the yardto play. These incidents forced the author to do something that she did notrelish, but deemed requirement in order to save her family from this man sinceshe new her mother was supply on marrying him. She lied to her mother andtold her that Mr. Mason had hit her. At first it wasnt believed, but when herquiet sister Kate backed up her story, the mother sought-after(a) to separate herselffrom this man. The family moved to Chicago and the author never saw Mr. Masonagain.As was stated before, the story was believable because of the authorsalmost relenting of a story that she had kept inside for a long time.

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