Friday, March 15, 2019

Relationships in Braided Lives Essay -- Braided Lives

Relationships in Braided Lives In Marge Piercys Braided Lives, Jill goes done legion(predicate) consecutive, turbulent relationships with men. This pattern begins with her father, continues with her best friend, and then continues through many other relationships in her college years. Each relationship affects Jill and how she views men and herself. She has a genuinely negative outlook on men. In fact, most of the male-female relationships in the new are not positive experiences for the women involved. Jills own self-esteem is continuously divide down and ruined by each negative relationship that she enters. in conclusion Jill finds true happiness, but only after these significant relationships teach her how to rage herself. Jills father was not caring or kind to Jill regarding any vista of her life. He wanted a boy and got Jill instead. He treated her alike(p) the boy he wanted. She desperately wanted his love and attention, and she spent a lot of time trying to make him happy by playing like the son he wanted. "He wanted a boy. At 12 I made the grand try...For months on end I sat ...

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