Friday, March 15, 2019

Anne Frank and Frederick Dougalss Essay example -- essays research pap

Anne Frank and Frederick DouglassEveryone has hope in something whether it is possible or manifestly impossible. Anne Frank and Frederick Douglass, among many differences and similarities, both had hope in something others may non have believed to be possible. They never gave up their hope that they so desperately clung to when they were in bondage. Anne Frank and Frederick Douglass were both held in bondage, each in a different way. Frank was kept from the public eye for fear she would be caught and killed by the Germans. Even before she went into hiding she had to abide by so many restrictions that she had no freedom at all. On the other hand, Douglass was natural a slave and had never known what it was like to be free, kept in bondage by his master. Despite everything they both kept their hopes that they would be free one day and people would no longer take away against them.Also, while Frank and Douglass were in bondage they had several people who helped them on the way. T hey couldnt have made it without these helpers. Douglass had his masters wife and the youth white boys who helped him learn his alphabet and his basic reading. He besides had the underground Railroad abolitionist to help him on the road to freedom. Frank also had help from some friends of her dad, Kraler and Koophuis. They helped hide them and bring food and supplies to Frank and her family.In addition to having helpers, Frank and Douglass both were good writers. Even th...

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