Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Canadian cities Essay Example for Free

Canadian cities EssayThis subdivision of essay will answer whether there argon ghettos in Canadian cities and which ar these cities and why them non the former(a)s. What are the main causes of ghettos and what the authorities are doing about this issue? Ghettos in Canadian Cities. There has been an accession of minority groups in most of the Canadian cities. The minority groups are linked to want or to be exact low income and neighbourhood distress. It has been realized that the emerging ghettos in Canadian cities are in furrow with what is witnessed in the United States which is brought about by racial segregation especially directed to the black people. The other cause of growing ghettos in Canadian cities is the in-migration and the cost living. Many people cannot afford to depart in expensive apartments or rather they choose to live in low income houses. There is a remarkable growth of the minority population which calculates on where the people or the immigrants com e from, their countries of origin. In this minority group there is a high birth rate hence this adjoins the number of people or the population of poor and jobless people in many towns.However, in the United States the definition of a ghetto is, a residential part in the town or district that is concentrated by a certain ethic group and many or the majority of the members live in poor conditions and rarely get all the basic needs. Many of these ghettos are establishing near rich estates because the low income earning people depend on the rich people from rich neighborhoods. Many of these people who have been subjugated to the ghettos are the blacks and the Hispanics.A research study is going on and the commonly used terminology is to refer to this people who reside in the ghetto. Names like, immigrants, social communities and they are also referred to as racialized groups. As the ghettos or the minority increase in number the more it violates the traditional ecological models tha t used to see immigrants and ethnic groups integrating geographically and assimilating through culture. There is confusion in many Canadian cities because of the definition as near say enclaves as others insist that these are ghettos.But an intriguing issue is, there is a struggle between an enclave and a ghetto. In a ghetto people can be from so many ethnic backgrounds that are poor and there living standards very low and an enclave is the same but people are from the same ethnical background. There is ambiguity when the relationship between ethnic and segregation and concentrated poverty need definitions in connection with ghettos. The face of Canadian cities has been totally changing since the change in the immigration policy in the 1960s.The majority of the Canadian population was born in Asia, Africa and West Indies and many the countries from these regions are poor. The growing poverty level in Canada is pushing many people to high poverty neighbourhoods. Canadian cities lik e Vancouver and Toronto are the ones experiencing the life of ghettos and coincidentally these are the cities with a large number of immigrants from Asia and Africa respectively. The proximity of Vancouver to the Asiatic neighbours put it in this situation.

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