Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cold War Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Cold War Final - Essay Example mingled with 1947 and 1991, the Soviet Union faced up to the United States and its allies in a political tension that threatened the peace of some other uninvolved nations. With the two groups having nuclear capabilities, the world nearly suffered due to differences. temporary hookup none of the two actually engaged in military attacks against each other, threats were issued as diplomatic rows raged on (Totten, 2013). Unfortunately, even though the row involved only two groups, whatever else happened in the world was mostly dictated by the events unfolding between the two.War- whether real or coldness- is a detriment to education, and if could be avoided, that is the surmount option. Totten (2013) claims that the status of US education and the world at large was greatly affected by the standoff. for ward the war escalated, the effects were not felt that much but that situation changed as the intensity of the war took to new heights. Sadly, the fl ashpoints witnessed during this war were passed on to the children hence affecting their lives negatively. Consequently, the relations between the students from the countries at war show similar attitudes to each thus polarizing the education status.Great fear seized the Western countries and their respective citizens with many fearing the belabor in terms of economic status (Richards, 2012). Many feared that Russias financial gains would worsen the matter the US feared domination of the rest of the world by Russia. As a result, every side tried as much as possible to assemble its allies in case the war turned violent. Furthermore, crisis disaster elsewhere in the world saw each of the side support one and oppose the other with stakes.Today, though the intensity of the war is nowhere near that time, Bayulgen and Arbatli (2013) claim that there is still a cold war between the US and Russia. Recently, the US has

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