Monday, April 29, 2019

SWOT Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

drudgery Analysis - Essay ExampleThe brass instrument appears to have outgrown a vast studyity of its present systems, and is presently faced with the challenge of having to layoff at least 500 workers. In order to sustain its tradition of not laying off any of its employees, BigTime leave alone need to take the issues identified in the SWOT analysis presented in this report. The key issue lies in the orders view to revolutionize its operations in order to integrate additional product offerings. This paper will provide a nationwide SWOT analysis that will inform BigTimes adoption of comprehensive marketing and organizational structure strategies. The SWOT analysis will be indispensable in portion BigTime take full advantage of its increasing customer base. BigTime SWOT analysis An organizations SWOT analysis matrix is essential since it assists the realization of various factors concerning the organization, for instance, its military units, weaknesses, opportunities and th reats. These benchmarks are valuable in ascertaining the overall aptitude of the companys business operations and realizing probable problematic areas and devising viable systems to tackle the problems. Strengths one and only(a) of BigTimes greatest strengths is its reputation of producing appropriate product offerings that are not only pertinent to the markets at different times, but are also tailored for each customer. In fact, the organization has been able to bring in ample market presence and share based only on its name and reputation. The company is famed for providing superior quality virtual management services to its customers. This positive reputation has been sufficient in creating opportunities for the company is diverse areas of the market. Question 1 This means that BigTime relies on its customers views or word of mouth as a form of marketing to other companies. Additionally, BigTime bases its marketing strategy solely on its website, which was developed 4 eld a go by the vice presidents son. Through this marketing strategy, the business has attained major strides in enhancing its sales records, ultimately realizing a 20% increase in its reported profits in one year. Brand image is one of the most vital elements of an organizations overall attractiveness. Therefore, BigTimes good reputation and the name has a positive impact on its brand image, making the organizations product and institutional brands quite appealing to the market. Furthermore, having operated in the virtual management market for 20 years, BigTime has in-depth knowledge of the market, which enables the company tailor its products based on market demands. Additionally, BigTime has superior infrastructure that continues to facilitate retrieve and exploitation of applications needed to facilitate successful delivery of virtual management systems. These systems and applications are critical since they facilitate the organizations provision of a holistic virtual experience to i ts customers. At present, BigTime boasts of a massive proportion of the virtual management market. BigTimes operations in the country are approximately ternary of the market as BigTime is one of three companies that dominate the virtual management sector. Another key strength inherent in the organization is its wide array of products. BigTime offers an array of virtual services including management, organizational change, management, organizational leadership, and business. These products allow the organization to participate

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