Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ethics Issue in China Case Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ethics Issue in china Case Report - judge ExampleHence, the main issue was the difficulty to arrive at a decision on whether the operations in China should continue or not. The respectable stance taken by Levis with regards to gentlemans gentleman rights (arbitrary arrests, poor prison conditions, personal privacy) was not possible to follow in China and hence, it created an ethical chore for the organization. The ethical formulas that got violated the most are the principles related to Respect for Autonomy and Justice (Trevino and Nelson, 2011). The ethical principle of Respect for Autonomy is establish on the tenet that large number should have the freedom to reign everyplace them and in any case take the decisions that they want to. However, in China, Levis Strauss and Co found this violated their ethical stance because the leadershipin China had refused to ratify the 10 basic guidelines which prohibit the use of forced used of labor according to the multinational Labor Organization. Similarly, the country has also enforced forced family planning, again proving to violate the principles related to Respect for Autonomy. The people did not have much choice when it came to these matters of basic human rights and hence, were forced to comply, thus creating an environment where they could not do want they actually wanted to. The ethical principle related to Justice has not also been upheld with regards to human rights in China. ... Levi Strauss and Co has been known as an organization that has taken a very significant stance against any form of ethical violation. Even though there were speculations regarding entering the Chinese commercialize (Chinas stand on many human rights issue was known even before the operations began), the plan to operate from China was implemented in the hope that continued presence of many U.S based organizations can have an impact on the stance adopted by China. However, over the years, Levi Strauss realized that the issue s were instead larger-than-life to be solved just with the dish of corporate presence. Hence, the organization was faced with a big question of whether to continue its operations for the profitability or to withdraw its operations based on ethical grounds, something that the organization has always proudly endorsed. The China Policy Group as well as deliberations by the senior management failed to come up with a decision regarding China operations. In the end, the CEO took the transparent decision to bring about an end to the operations in China due to pervasive violation of human rights. A corporate organization does not merely operate with the sole goal to modify its profitability, but in addition, it also forms a set of ethics that would help it achieve its profitability with the help of certain value system. As Levi Strauss and Co had followed, endorsed and promoted these values for a long time, it is difficult for them to operate in an environment where these values do not have meaning. Hence, it becomes an ethical issue and the organization was forced to conceive out their options between ethical stances versus profitability, ultimately deciding to withdraw its operations. 2. Resolve the case using

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