Friday, April 26, 2019

Famine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Famine - Essay ExampleThis paper will further anayze whether dearth is a seasonal happening or if it has an annual cycle, its predictability, and the steps that can be taken to hold back it,if in that location are any.Famine can be described as the scarcity of food on a largescale. The functional description of paucity needs to include the fact that it is a natural impale that goes on to affect humans. Without it affecting humans, the otherwise natural disaster becomes a natural hazard. It is not a disaster when the human aspect is needing.Over time in history, incidences of famine have been experienced repeatdly, and in some regions more than others. This begs for one to view it as a seasonal happening. The seasonal nature of famines is attributed to there being certain human activities that augment the influence of drought. The likelihood of famine to be experienced in a region dependson a myriad of factors. These include the geographical location, policies governing food dis tribution, and human activities in a place. When these factors are all analyzed, the likelihood of a famine can be determined.The effects of famine are felt by all spheres of nature, both living and non-living. Humans, plants, animals, and even property is affected by famine. Humans are by far the most affected by famine. On the event of a famine, humans are faced by starvation, malnutrition, and cases of death are reported. People waste due to lack of food, and become emaciated. Stunted, and retarded raiseth are also experienced by the victims of famine. Cases of diseases are increased, as individuals grow weaker and weaker due to poor nutrition. In certain instances people start fighting for the little food available, and warfare may result.Plants during famine, are usually the first to die. This however, is true when the famine is due to harsh weather conditions much(prenominal) as drought. When the cause of the famine is other than this, plants are affected to a lesser extent. Wasting,

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