Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ashoka and Emperor ashoka ( choose heading) Essay

Ashoka and emperor ashoka ( choose heading) - Essay ExampleHowever, a look at some of the mark pillars in some part of the modern-day India proves that such an empire existed. For example in Bihar, India, there are stone pillars that are inscribed with the emperor butterflys statues and edicts. Ancient Sanskirt literature also shows that there was a great Emperor called Ashoka. In Sarnath city which is also in India, there are statues of lions which are instantly part of Indias National emblem (Rao 96). These are the Ashoka lions, of course named after the Emperor Ashoka. He Emperor ordered installation of these pillars (Joshi 60). A look at the statues and some of the stone pillars shows that the Emperor had them inscribed with humane laws.Based on the evidence from Joshis book and a hi bill professor called B.V. Rao, Emperor Ashoka waged a constant war for the first eight years when he was in power. It is also clear that the Emperor had inherited a large empire, which he expan ded in his reign to include some of the otherwise Indian subcontinent. He also expanded his empire to the modern-day borders of Burmese eastern border, western brass of Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Iran (Rao 94). It was only Sri Lanka and other southern parts of India which remained out of the Emperors reach. However, despite the ancient Kalinga kingdom, northward of India, being out of his reach, he attacked the kingdom in year 265. He took advantage of the fact that it was his encourage wifes homeland, Kaurwaki. The Mauryan Emperor had sought refuge from his hostile half-brothers, in the Kalinga kingdom. He gathered the largest soldiery in Indian history to attach Kalinga, which crumbled after losing most of its warriors.After going through the story about this Emperor and his dynasty I got surprised after discovering that he was one of the many ruthless rulers in human history to change into one of the most respected rulers. I expected to find a

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