Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The e-learning community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The e-learning community - Essay ExampleThis web invest is reminiscent of many early(a) open source computer code sites, provides a mixture of community information areas for those who are developers and those who simply requirement to understand what Moodle is about. Like many open source website, there are persistent downloads and as much(prenominal) are constantly updated on a regular basis.The site does presents a very balanced judgment as it is open source software, it is open to the internet community as a whole. This is an excellent manner to continually improve a site with respect to having developers add to the source code as good as reporting and helping, in some cases, to fix bugs that affect the software.The site was extremely easy to travel due to its simple site architecture in place. It has general areas that all sites require and conforms to the standards required by open source code sites. The site is very crisp and clean and is not overly modify with respe ct to needing to go where you need to. Navigation is extremely well thought out.The site is clean, and not overcrowded by site advertising and lets you recall the areas that the visitor needs to go to. The menu system to the left of the site is extremely easy to navigate and, for example, if you do to documentation, that is the first and only place you need to go to find every piece of documentation you would need to find. This style of site allows for the average user looking for a solution to easily understand what they want without being crowded out by technical language.5. How the site could be improved. I would only say the site only needs improvement in pinch what the open source software is exactly. Moodle gives you a welcome to moodle, but, unless you are familiar with open source code and what it is about, it is impossible to understand the technical language. Although they provide links to the different definitions of terminology, an unfamiliar and non-technical person m ay bring away from this site.It would also be helpful to use dynamic flash images or pages instead of noneffervescent images that dont lend to an overly receptive front page, or, for that matter, cascading siteThis website is entirely formatted and styled after the Microsoft site in its sight of the menu system and overall style sheets.1. What information did the site cover, e.g. did it try to present a epitome of the facts or did it also give opinions Did it try to give complete and up- to-date coverage, or did it appear to be discriminating The site is entirely composed of presenting to the visitor what the open source web-based software is inclusive of and as such(prenominal) provides a very good description of what it is representing. As with many open source sites, this too, like Moodle, has continual updates on a daily basis to any fixes to the code itself or those that report a worry they can track it in the documentation section.2. Did the site present a balanced view or did it represent one perspective The site does

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