Sunday, July 28, 2019

Discuss the current impact of health informatics in health care Essay

Discuss the current impact of health informatics in health care. Consider the role of these systems in maintaing patient safety and ensuring that a high standar - Essay Example Coverage of information technology solutions in the medical and health field under the rubrics of the two terms is converging. Computers in Health Care are well accepted the world over as clinical and diagnostic aids, to improve patient care, tone up administration, facilitate accounting and enable effective management control. An important application has been in hospital management, where computers have been an effective tool for doctors, nursing, administration and management. The federal government, through the Australian Department of Health and Ageing, sets national health policies and subsidises the provision of health services by State and Territory governments and the private sector. Health currently accounts for about 9.3 per cent of Australias gross domestic product. Australia has a fairly complex healthcare system, comprising both public and private hospitals and medical practitioners and literally dozens of insurance schemes set up to fund them. The federal government funds universal medical services and pharmaceuticals, and gives financial assistance to public hospitals, residential care facilities, hostels, and home and community care. It is also the major source of funds for health research, and provides support for the training of health professionals and financial assistance to tertiary students.   State and Territory governments have primary responsibility under the Constitution for the actual provision of health services, including most acute and psychiatric hospital services. The States and Territories also provide a wide range of community and public health services, including school health, dental health, maternal and child health, occupational health, disease control activities and a variety of health inspection functions.   The main health responsibilities of local government are in environmental control such as garbage disposal, clean water, and health

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