Saturday, July 27, 2019

Practical School Community partnerships leading. To Successful Article

Practical School Community partnerships leading. To Successful educational Leaders - Article Example Achieving common goals, fostering educational attainment/achievement, and reform are among the achievements (Chen, 2010). This will also validate an understanding of community-school partnership leading to adjustment of the future leadership system so as to enhance growth. The article is essential in enhancing the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom setting. The idea and concept behind school community partnership is to appraise student’s performance over time due to effective and efficient education leadership. Hence, it is great and vital potential for preparing future educational leaders. The community is an integral and essential section of the institution. In this partnership, the school and community tend to share responsibility for childrens learning. The partnership is based on acknowledgment of sharing resources and expertise of each party(Kladifko, 2013). The community should be incorporated in the school process because the activities done in the school impacts directly on the societies. They have a responsibility of fundamental significance in assisting in the nurturing and growth of the students. These will in-turn assist students to explore their maximum potential and attain good grades. It will minimize conflict and enhance activities that will assist in proper functioning of the school. As an extension and enhancement of this partnership, education leaders should emphasize a wide base of community involvement in school activities. System leaders should endeavor involved in implementation and development of strategies that promote school-family-community partnerships. System leaders and school PTA should involve the society in setting direction for the school. In my understanding, education system leaders should be well equipped with qualities and attributes that will assist them to set clear sense of direction for influencing and impacting individuals. System leaders should drive the community and school fraternity to share an

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