Monday, August 12, 2019

Group and team behavior - Organizational behavior Assignment

Group and team behavior - Organizational behavior - Assignment Example Teams also perform management or supervisory role along with doing work. The revolutionary concept was adopted purely due to market needs and as a departure from traditional corporate functioning. The adoption has increased 3M productivity up to 300 % at some places. Advantages of using this system include improved customer relationship and loyalty, increased productivity and efficiency, greater freedom of action and adaptability, low organizational costs, less job categorization, worker welfare, improved services and survival of fittest. Limitations of using this system are initial risks, requisite training, time required in adopting culture, learning of basic management skills by all and bigger responsibility at lower level. Major challenges in this system are focus and involvement of employees, and customer satisfaction. Motivated employees are the best assets any firm can have. Rewarding for good performance is the best source of motivation. Rewards may be given in the form empow erment, recognition amongst peers, financial benefits, promotions, acknowledgement for creativity and innovation, training, quality of living and facilities. At 3M, work teams are rewarded with variable pay, which includes sales commissions and annual incentives.

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