Tuesday, August 13, 2019

NCAA Principles of Conduct and Divisional Philosophy Essay

NCAA Principles of Conduct and Divisional Philosophy - Essay Example In order to comply with this regulation, Duke College has given all the information regarding the issue on their site under a link called Drug testing Policy. Under NCAA Guidelines, an institute must represent each gender in variety of sports each season. Keeping consistent with the above mentioned NACC policy, Duke College is currently promoting various sports like basketball, Golf, Lacrosse, Rowing and many other sports for both the genders. Another NCAA requirement is that all staff members of the university are prohibited to donate any team memorabilia like T-shirts, autographed football or basketballs and other items to any organization, event or an individual. One of the prime requirement for all NCAA division I members is to comply with the principal of Non Discrimination. The Association wants its member institutions to give each and every individual equal opportunity without discriminating on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion and gender. The policy of Non Discrimination Policy is followed by the Duke College. The college promotes its athletes students without any kind of biasness. This can be seen from the site pictures in which duke athletes from various racial backgrounds can be seen playing together as one team. In order to assist athlete students in their genuine needs, NCAA runs a Student Athlete Opportunity Fund. Duke college students can tap this fund by downloading the form which is available under the Student- Athlete Development Link. Another category in NACC is division III. Greensboro College which is affiliated to NACC Division III follows all of its requirements. The college site too reflects some of the Division III policies like As per the NCAA Division III requirements, academic performances should be consistent with the general student body. In order to comply with the above mentioned law the Greensboro College is running various programs for the student athletes to maintain their academic level. All

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