Sunday, April 28, 2019

Definition loser Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Definition loser - Essay ExampleAs such, this brief analysis pull up stakes seek to discuss the means by which the very determinate definition that has been thus far displayed has ultimately become warped to represent an entirely different contextual meaning. This will be utilized by a brief analysis of how the term is used within adolescent and pop culture.Firstly, in format to understand the means by which the term is currently thrown around in popular culture, 1 need look no further than the local poetry school or playground. Although children have oftentimes utilized language as a means of encouraging conformity ensuring that those that do not process conformity are punished to certain degree, the term loser has taken on a intent of its own in helping to shape the means by which persons identify with themselves as part of a larger group. This particular term is unique from many of the others that are oftentimes used, i.e. geek, loser, nerd, or a variety of others, due to the fact that it is very difficult for the person who is labeled in such a way to escape from the definition that it necessarily implies (Buzzelli & Johnston 22). Whereas it might be somewhat casual for an individual to readily provide evidence that they are not a geek or a nerd, loser is something that is defined by the larger group as such, it is much to a greater extent difficult for an individual labeled as such to escape the meaning that it necessarily implies.Stepping aside from the actual definition of the term, the more important question that should be asked is the level to which identity formation that takes place as a will of the usage of such a word impacts upon the future understanding that the individual displays with regards to you they are and how they integrate with society. ascribable to the fact that this term has a specific bearing upon integration within society, the low to which it is likely

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