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Meaning of life 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Meaning of life 3 - Essay ExampleContrarily, the incapability to break meaning in life causes distress, addiction, boredom, aggression and level off depression. Now this is what brings us to what Frankl describes as the state of meaninglessness.psychological responses to the worst experiences are never predetermined by any given circumstance, no-matter how strong or unaccented it is. Meaning of life comes from within an individual in spite of the existing despair. Personal responsibility is eer the best way for an individual to gain meaning. And this is considered likely if the somebody does not surrender to negative expectation of others and be true to him or herself. Frankl states that it is possible to be frequently exposed to death and misery of Auschwitz, nevertheless still get a way of discovering meaning in this grief. Even while death seems to be unavoidable, Frankl thinks that individuals have the central capacity to reflect positively on the all the good things they h ave achieved in their entire lifetime and to put in perception the current meaning of their grief (Frankl, Viktor 87). When a crack apprehends that it is his destiny to suffer, he will have to consider his grief as his task his only colossal mission. And normally this is what is considered to be the state of meaninglessness. A person will have to live with the fact that even during suffering he is alone and experiences a unique situation in the universe. And that no other person is capable of relieving him or suffering for his or her sake. His or her unique opportunity depends on how he or she carries the burden.Frankl describes the diverse phases of psychological response that were common to all the prisoners. These stages are alleged to have ensued in a sequential way, from shock to apathy then to freedom readjustments. He states that he was able to witness the favor even in the worst case scenarios. Frankl quotes we who stayed in the concentration camps can never

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